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Principal’s Welcome Message

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January 2019
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        Antonio A. Maceda Integrated Elementary School is situated on an 8,958 square meter lot at the corner of Mangga Avenue and Buenos Aires St. Barangay 581 Zone 57 Sta. Mesa, Manila.

          The community has its own remarkable share in history. According to local residents, the area was used to be an exclusive graveyard for Spanish and Filipino-Spanish residents until it became the favourite watering hole of the rich and famous Spaniards and Mestizos. Its invigorating climate, picturesque panorama and amenities like bowling lanes, casinos, arrays of tropical flowers and towering narra trees made the place well-known and it was dubbed as “Casa Blanca” or “White House” in Manila.
          During the World War II, the area was used as garrison for Japanese soldiers. In 1961, the place was used as National Headquarters of Liberal Party by then President DiosdadoMacapagal. It was later in 1970 that the Eastern portion of “Casa Blanca” was renamed Panamin Compound – Presidential Assistance for National Minorities – and eventually became refugee center for the Tasadays who were brought to Manila from the jungle of South Cotabato by MandaElizalde.

          The present economic condition prevailing in the community where the school is now located is relatively low. Despite of the prevailing economic condition, the school stakeholders are working doubly hard to maintain a cordial relationship with its constituents in order to ensure that its aim to further achieve academic excellence as envisioned in its mission and vision is fully realized and the quest of becoming a child-friendly and health promoting school will not be in vain.

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