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Principal’s Welcome Message

                It is my pleasure to welcome you to Antonio A. Maceda Integrated Elementary School.

We offer, Quality education, Child-friendly, Eco-friendly, Safe Environment, Great facilities!

          Antonio A. Maceda Integrated Elementary School was formerly known as Altura Primary Elementary School in 1962 and Vicente Orestes Romualdez Elementary School in 1975. It is located at Buenos Aires St., Sta. Mesa, Manila.

          Providing quality education is our top priority! The school has 38 hardworking and passionate teachers who teach the learners entrusted to them with love, compassion and enthusiasm. Most of them are attending graduate schools and the administration is supportive to hone their teaching skills by sending them to trainings and seminars.

          It is a child-friendly school. The faculty and staff prioritize the welfare and safety, emotions and psychological condition of the learners.  Teachers are sensitive to their needs. Guidance teacher helps the teachers in giving intervention program to  learners with  behavioral problems.

It has two security guards, taking turns day and night making rounds to ensure the safety of the learners, faculty and staff and the school facilities. 24/7 monitored with the use of CCTV’s at the entrance and exit gates, every corner of each floor of the primary and intermediate buildings.

Food served at the canteen and feeding are neatly prepared and nutritious.

 The police station is very near to the school, so it’s easy to seek help if cases of emergency.

Our school advocates eco-friendly environment. We practice proper segregation of trash that each classroom has three garbage cans to throw their rubbish for recyclable stuff, biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

 We also keep on improving our ‘Gulayan sa Paaralan, so we can plant more veggies which can be cooked in our canteen and feeding and served to the learners. It is not only healthy but teach our learners to grow plants and also a good strategy to lessen our school’s expenses in food.

The school also have its own computer wherein teachers can conduct their classes when they need it. It is also open for teachers. The wi-fi connection of the school can cater all the computers in the offices and computer room.

 It also has a library with lots of books which are updated and accessible for the children and teachers. Some books were also donated by the alumni, NGO’s and other private schools that aims to help develop the learners’ reading level and love for books.

                   Maceda Elementary School is actively participating in joining  co-curricular activities like Boys Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, Girls Scout and Red Cross. Engaging our learners in these activities can help them improve their personality, leadership skills, independence, confidence and camaraderie. The school believes in the talent and ability of our learners.

Our learners and keep on collecting awards and winnings, by   joining in different contests, initiated by DepEd and Non- Government Institutions,

          Providing quality education, open great opportunities for the learners to show their talents and skills, and produce competitive and productive citizens and become one of the top performer schools in the Division of Manila are the top goals of Antonio Maceda Integrated Elementary School.  With the participation and cooperation of all internal and external stakeholders and harmonious work relationship among us to achieve our goal.

As one we can!


April 2019
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        Antonio A. Maceda Integrated Elementary School is situated on an 8,958 square meter lot at the corner of Mangga Avenue and Buenos Aires St. Barangay 581 Zone 57 Sta. Mesa, Manila.

          The community has its own remarkable share in history. According to local residents, the area was used to be an exclusive graveyard for Spanish and Filipino-Spanish residents until it became the favourite watering hole of the rich and famous Spaniards and Mestizos. Its invigorating climate, picturesque panorama and amenities like bowling lanes, casinos, arrays of tropical flowers and towering narra trees made the place well-known and it was dubbed as “Casa Blanca” or “White House” in Manila.
          During the World War II, the area was used as garrison for Japanese soldiers. In 1961, the place was used as National Headquarters of Liberal Party by then President DiosdadoMacapagal. It was later in 1970 that the Eastern portion of “Casa Blanca” was renamed Panamin Compound – Presidential Assistance for National Minorities – and eventually became refugee center for the Tasadays who were brought to Manila from the jungle of South Cotabato by MandaElizalde.

          The present economic condition prevailing in the community where the school is now located is relatively low. Despite of the prevailing economic condition, the school stakeholders are working doubly hard to maintain a cordial relationship with its constituents in order to ensure that its aim to further achieve academic excellence as envisioned in its mission and vision is fully realized and the quest of becoming a child-friendly and health promoting school will not be in vain.

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